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Setting up Elasticsearch time-based indices

When you use Wazuh’s default configuration for the Elastic Stack (by following the installation guide) alerts are indexed in elasticsearch with the following naming convention:

This means you are not only specifying an index name, but also defining daily indices for your alerts.

This behaviour is laid out in the Logstash configuration file:

The pipeline’s output specifies the index name the alert will end up belonging to.

Logstash takes care of creating the index in case it is not present in elasticsearch.

To […]

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Get ready for GDPR

Lately, not only the tech and related communities, but also pretty much everyone else has heard of GDPR, the new standards for security compliance.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been drawn up to make privacy legislation consistant throughout Europe, with its main focus on providing data protection for all citizens in the European Union.

To this end, it seeks to increase the privacy of such data and to reform the way in which EU organizations approach data privacy.

As we can see, this regulation has significant impact in today’s world as personal information is vital […]

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